Sh.V S Raveendran,Regional Director,NIOS RC Kochi

Dr.Manoj Kumar Thakur
Regional Director,

Welcome to the World Largest Open schooling System-NIOS

Over the last few decades, teaching and learning that is facilitated beyond the designed classrooms has become the norm, rather than an anomaly provided only for a small number of non-conventional learners.

In India, the pace of change in online and distance learning has recently accelerated and as a result learning and getting education has become possible for a much broader spectrum of society than was previously possible.

NIOS under the able guidance and leadership of Prof. Saroj Sharma is flying high with the vision-"Sustainable inclusive learning with universal and flexible access to quality school education and skill development."

I congratulate you for choosing National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for continuing your pre-degree education and being the part of the world's largest open schooling system.

I hope this interactive and informative website will help you in keeping abreast of latest information and updates regarding NIOS.

Wish you all Good Luck for your future endeavors.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Thakur

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