Date Notification Last Date/Remark
16-09-2022 Notification regarding Non acceptance of accrediation forms  
06-07-2022 Revision of Correction rules in Admission Particulars  
01-01-2022 Kerala Government Condition 2019 (New)  
01-01-2022 Kerala Government Condition- 2011(Old)  
01-01-2022 Court stay order of condition of Kerala Government  
04-01-2022 Compulsory vocational Subjects Subject List
04-01-2022 Academic Prospectus  
04-01-2022 Vocational Prospectus  
04-01-2022 OBE Prospectus(6-14 years)  
04-01-2022 OBE Prospectus(Above 14 years)  
04-01-2022 Relaxation to differently abled learners  
07-01-2022 Provision for Submission of TMA online 31-01-2022
07-01-2022 How to revamp an inactive registration by changing block