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About us

To facilitate all the Study Centers and learners of this Region in order to disseminate quality and sustainable education, as directed by the NIOS Headquarters, through Open Distance Learning in OBE, Secondary & Senior Secondary Education, Vocational Education and Life Enrichment Education.

1. Region based Vocational courses

2. Participation in book-fares

3. Introduction of Tamil as medium of instruction in Secondary level

4. Introduction of Malayalam language in Sr. Secondary

5. Collaboration with the State Govts. in the area of Vocational Education.

6. Publicity materials using facility of local cable operators

7. Inspection of new AIs/AVIs 

8. Periodic academic inspection of AIs/AVIs

9. Setting up of production-cum-training centre in all the AVIs

10.Setting up of on-the-job Training facilities for all AVI learners

11.To conduct Need Analysis Survey & Research work for the Vocational course



Provides Open Basic Education through the Accredited Agencies for the learners of this region as per the enforced Rules and Regulations for the same.

Provides Secondary and Senior Secondary Education for the learners of this Region through its Accredited Institutions.

Introduces Skill Development and Career Education programmes through its Accredited Vocational Institutions.

Development of Need Based Curriculum, Instructional Materials, Tutor Marked Assignments as per the specific orders from the Head Quarters.


    1. Organizes periodical orientation and training programmes to the Coordinators of Accredited Agencies, Accredited Institutions and Accredited Vocational Institutions of this Region.

    2. Identification and selection of Academic Facilitators for the monitoring of various programmes.

    3. Propagation of NIOS programmes to the general public with a view to disseminate information as well as to open new study centers for the welfare of the needy citizens. 

    4. Facilitate On-line admission and issue of ID cards.

    5. Monitoring of the distribution of Study Materials to the learners.

    6. Review and monitor Personal Contact Programmes

    7. Developing of Regional Advisory Committee and its periodical meeting for the formulation of Regional level planning and programmes

    8. Developing of Regional Vocational Advisory Committee and its periodical meeting for the formulation of Regional level planning and programmes

    9. Conduct two major Examinations and regular On-Demand Examination for Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination as per the approved programmes

    10. Appointment of OSDs, Flying Squad, Centre Superintendents, Evaluators etc. with the concurrence of the Competent Authority.

    11. Evaluation of answer scripts of the Region for the timely declaration of results

    12. Provides information and eGovernanceas per the Right to Information Act 2005.

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